Thoughts: Not So Social Media

Something that’s been on my mind lately is loneliness. It’s so perplexing that in a time where we can communicate faster than lightning across hundreds of thousands of miles that we are so distant from people. We’re about posting statuses on Facebook that make it look like we’re adventurous, deep, and incredibly joyous. We post photos on Instagram that make us seem more interesting, more attractive, more passionate, more ambitious. We Tweet on Twitter things that make us seem more witty, things that make us seem connected to the outside world, to those that are famous. Yet we don’t even know how to interact with actual people.

Sadly, most of these things are complete bullshit.

People are so afraid to be real. We want to be exactly like what the media wants us to be, yet we’ll ridicule the media for creating such outlandish expectations for a human being. So why do we continue to desire to be exactly what the media wants? Why do we continue to let it happen and then complain for pity? There’s no way on Earth we can be interesting, attractive, stylish, hip, kind, loving, selfless, or intelligent all of the time. No one person knows exactly how to function properly. No one political party is correct. No one view is completely correct.

It’s frustrating living in a world where putting on a mask is as easy as turning on a 4″ screen. I can’t have a decent conversation with most people because they are so concerned about snapchating every single aspect of their life or can’t handle going 2 seconds without taking a selfie because if someone else doesn’t like it then they’re not beautiful that day. Social media makes me hate people, and the sad thing is, it’s because those people don’t want to be who they actually are.

In this time, it’s so hard to be single. I am trying desperately to find a wife who is an actual person, who has flaws, who needs me to help them, whom I need to help me. I can’t find her though, because there’s not a single woman who knows how to take compliments without instantly comparing themselves to someone they think is better. So often, when I tell a woman she’s beautiful, she may say thank you, but what she’s really thinking is, “But not to me”. Everyone is hiding behind 6 layers of makeup, tight clothes, salads, and push-up bras.

That’s so heartbreaking. And it’s the same for men. We compare, we don’t feel “manly” enough, whatever the hell that means, we shoot for ideals we can never attain. Ideals of physical attraction, style, intrigue, how to please a woman.


That’s what we create. That’s what we’re after. But ideals aren’t real.

Sadly, we try and make those ideals real, and we try to make real things into ideals to make ourselves feel like we can attain something great. We want that glory and acclaim that accomplishing those ideals will bring. We’ll be such a great person, we’ll have such a great life. If we can get to this point, we won’t need anything else.

Christians often make Christ an ideal. More often than not, living in a small, conservative town with conservative churches, Christ becomes this set of rules. Christ becomes this specific time and amount of prayer. Christ becomes Scripture in a book. Christ becomes words in a cheesy, cliché song that doesn’t really mean anything. It’s the same for th liberal church, just with things skewed way too far to the left. Christ becomes so ethereal, you can claim him to be anything. Christ is all around always, so you don’t have to spend time with him. Christ can only be found in the spontaneous and unstaged.

It’s all bad and it’s all not real. Christ is a person. Christ is real. He touches people. He speaks to people. He is present with people. He loves, He’s awkward, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He doesn’t try to look perfect for every single person on the planet.

When was the last time you prayed because you wanted to and not because you felt you had to or didn’t want to feel guilty about not praying? When was the last time you read scripture because you wanted to see the word of Yahweh rather than searching for some sort of answer to life? When was the last time you worshipped on your own rather than waving your arms about in church because you feel you have to? When was the last time you repented because you wanted your life to change rather than out of fear of looking bad to others or being fearful of things like sex, alcohol, or cursing themselves? There’s just so much Religion.

Religion: a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.

Whatever your religion may be, whether it be social media, other’s opinions, an ideal, drop it. Religion causes so many problems on this earth, and not just the kind involving the spiritual. It’s everywhere and I want to encourage you to live your life apart from ideals that you can never attain. It’s perfectly fine to have beliefs and to want to strive for something greater, but it’s not okay to make that thing ultimate. There is so much to life, life can never be just one thing. Be with people, stay off your phones more often, experience life outside of a 4″ screen.


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